Digital photography is now an integral part of our lives. Wherever you are, there is always someone who, with his phone, a small compact camera or a more demanding digital SLR, is immortalizing something.

The automatisms of the cameras are increasingly sophisticated and make it even easier to set up the camera. The electronic components, then, evolve continuously and ensure photos with beautiful colors, extremely sharp and true to reality.

Owning and using the camera, however, does not mean being able to photograph . And owning a stratospheric camera does not guarantee to take good pictures. Indeed, it is often not even necessary.

Why do we photograph?

If our photos only serve to steal a few moments of everyday life to be able to share it on Facebook, just to know that something happened, maybe we do not need to waste time learning how to photograph .

Otherwise, it is useful to ask yourself what motivations drive us to take pictures and to want to take good pictures.

For some, the desire is to be able to emulate particularly captivating photos of emblazoned authors. Others have decided that photography will be the main occupation of their lives.

Others want to have good memories that are not simple impromptu shots, but that can arouse and remember the emotions experienced at that precise moment. Others would like to become famous on Flickr . Others still photograph because they can not do without it.

However, whatever the reason we photograph, we probably all have similar purposes . We want our photos not to go unnoticed, that those who look at them have emotions similar to those that led us to decide to create that image, which admires colors and geometries.

But we also want to be able to always get the photos we want , without depending on the case. We want to be able to control the image creation process and be able to predict which results it will bring.

What should we learn to be able to photograph?

Depending on what our goals are, learning to photograph could be a lifelong journey . However, we can divide what we will have to learn in some areas.

First of all, we will have to know the camera and all the equipment we own and need. For a novice photographer this is always the first obstacle to overcome.

It is important to study with criteria, without getting lost among the endless characteristics of machines, objectives and flashes until we are useful and do not make the knowledge of photographic equipment our main interest .

Since a photograph captures the light reflected or emitted from what we frame, we will have to know how to know and exploit the light . For some, the light is almost all in photography.

First of all we must know the principles for the calculation is the identification of the correct exposure . Then we can concentrate on studying the direction, the shape, the color, the intensity of the light and understand how to use these characteristics to convey our message .

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