Do you want to learn how to photograph? Here's how to get started

Do you like photography and have you been trying to make better pictures for a while? Or maybe you read several articles on specialized sites and you do not always understand everything they say, perhaps because you lack some fundamental concepts. If so, you are not alone and there is nothing to be ashamed of. After buying the camera, many people end up leaving it closed in a drawer and their interest in photography becomes just a passing fad.

Photography is an exciting but also a complex discipline , but there are many important concepts that a beginner naturally does not know or neglect when starting to photograph, learning little and failing to improve. A little guide with the basic things to know is always useful to start off in the best way.

☑ The choice of the digital camera

Do you already have a camera to use? Well, any camera is fine to get started , you may already skip this paragraph. I'm serious, for now you do not need anything else.

It's something that I repeat often: photographs do not make the camera, and the camera is not a photographer . Even with the best that is on the market you take bad photos and those that can be considered "beautiful" certainly do not depend on the equipment, but the light, framing, the moment when it is taken, the right composition and choice of subjects, etc.

So, which camera to choose? There is a wide range of digital cameras of all kinds, from compact to more professional SLRs, through bridges and mirrorless, which are slowly cropping up a lot of space. The initial choice is not easy, it should be the camera that best suits our needs but also the budget we have available. To help you can read these articles already published on FotoPost:

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If you already have a camera and you think that to better practice this passion is the time to buy another, I suggest you wait. Take the first steps in a more conscious, experience and try to understand what are the limits of the equipment you use now. When you are sure of what you need and you can not do with this camera, then start looking for a new one, with the certainty of buying something you really need.

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רוצה שג'וש יתעד לך את הרגע?
צילום חליפות חתן – עשה ואל תעשה

מתחתנים? מזל טוב! בצד כל ההתרגשות והשמחה נדרשות מאיתנו הכנות רבות עבור החתונה. ביום המיוחד שלכם כדאי להיראות על הצד הטוב ביותר ולבחור ביגוד המתאים לאירוע חשוב שכזה. אמנם לגברים

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האם חשוב לצלם את הצעת הנישואין שלכם

אין הרבה רגעים שיכולים להיות מרגשים בחיים כמו הרגע שבו אתם בוחרים להתחתן. בדרך כלל אחד מבני הזוג מציע נישואין לשני, ובשנים האחרונות אנחנו רואים שהצעת הנישואין הפכה להיות הפקה

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מעקה ראשית
איך לצלם מעקות זכוכית בצורה הנכונה?

צילום של מעקה זכוכית עלול להיות משימה מתעתעת, בגלל ההשתקפות של האור והקושי בתיעוד מדויק של קווי המתאר הקיימים. עם זאת, הקפדה על מספר כללי מפתח יכולה לסייע בצילום כזה

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רוצה שג'וש יתעד לך את הרגע?